Semalt – How To Tackle Spam Successfully?

Spam is a common issue facing most internet users. Commonly, spam messages come from people with ill intentions such as phishing and hacking. Spam emails contain attachments, URLs or other call-to-action instructions which can make the victim expose valuable information to the spammer. Spam takes away millions of websites as well as much other personal information. Every e-commerce business, website or internet user should stay away from spam.

You can get away from spam using the tips and practices, provided by Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, such as:

  • Protect your email address.

A spammers gold mine is a list of email addresses. Most spammers focus on collecting lists of email addresses which they send mass spam emails. Standard spam attacks which come in this manner include those from porn websites. Keeping your email safe can be a good idea. For persons with a website or people who have intense online activity, creating multiple email accounts to perform different tasks can be a bright idea. As a result, most spam attacks can only target one email not all of them.

  • Use spam filters.

There are some spam filters which can protect your inbox from messages of a particular type or sender. Most content management systems have spam filters which can protect you from common spam emails. Email websites like Outlook and Gmail have spam filters which have a high degree of efficiency yet free. As a result, you can benefit from their anti-spam utility.

  • Do not respond to spam.

Spammers may use all sorts of tricks to make you click a link on their email or message. Some of the common ways include a button which displays information like "press here to unsubscribe". Clicking anything confirms to the spammer that the email address is valid, and the user uses the email address. Moreover, it can contain a link to a potentially harmful website, which can make the victim vulnerable.

  • Do not open attachments.

It is also not good to open attachments present in spam emails. These attachments may contain viruses such as Trojans. This malware and worms target at infecting the target user computer. They can collect valuable information like browser pass words or even hook many personal computers. Any attachment present in spam emails should remain there. In any case, delete any spam email very fast.

  • Report spam.

If you meet an email which you are sure it is spam, you should mark it as spam. This measure makes you participate in the spam eradication campaign, making your contribution count. As a result, raise the alarm before escaping the predicament to save another person.


Spam is becoming part of everyday internet user. Many people fall for spam such as phishers or individuals with emails containing infected emails. In most cases, spammers target websites, admins, or user accounts where they steal data like customer credit card information. Staying away from spam is important. Users have good skills to keep off spam. Some guidelines on the best ways to avoid spam are on this guideline. Moreover, there are other superb methods how to deal with spam email. You cannot fall for spam since you can refine your goals and targeting.